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History of RSL Industriebedarf GmbH & Co. KG

1996 RSL Industriebedarf GbR was foundet by Gerald Renner, Bernd Striegler and Eberhard Lasch.
A former garage was the place were we start producing our products.
1997 The growth regquiered bigger production facilities an the relocation to a bigger production site in Chemnitz.
2000 We built an new production buildig in the industrial estate in Neukirchen/Erzgebirge to have the possibility of increasing the production volume
2003 TÜV - certificate DIN EN 729-4
2004 We invest in a new TRUMPF Lasersystem for pipes and plates.
2005 Expansion of the production hall and separation between the steel- an stainless steel production.
2006 Certification EN 40-5 by the company LGA Nürnberg.
2007 Bernd Striegler leaves the company for age reasons. The company is continued by Mr. Lasch and Mr. Renner.
2009 Construction of a new production hall at Südstraße 14a in Neukirchen an creating new manufacturing capacities.
2010 Start-up the new production hall an separat between "black" and "white" production.
2011 Reconstruction and renovation of the production hall at Südstraße 18.